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BlackBerry – Back With A Vengeance!

A dyed-in-the-wool BlackBerry user

As a diehard BlackBerry user, you might expect me to be annoyed over BlackBerry’s poor handling of the demise of the BB10 operating system running my BlackBerry Z30, arguably the best, most modern phone BlackBerry ever made. And for a while that was exactly how I felt (plus the let down by a great Canadian tech company.)

Time for a change

There are many operating systems to choose from like Apple iOS, Android, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS (shudder.) There are others like RIM’s BlackBerry OS (still available on a few devices) and Nokia’s Symbian but I elected to stay mainstream.

To determine which operating system would work best for me, I selected 2 phones, swapping an active Sim card between them: a Sony Xperia Z2 and an iPhone 4. The many features of these two phones along with their potential for upgrades – not to mention millions of apps – made me realized that the months of silence from BlackBerry was simply because the BB 10 operating system was too far behind to ever catch up.

With testing over, I was satisfied that Android and not iPhone was the way to go – and not because of the iPhone 4’s diminutive dimensions – I began the hunt for a big screen Android phone with a good camera (but not too many bells and whistles.) Water resistance was not an issue as I keep my phone in my pocket where it stays protected and dry – well, usually.

And then something happened…

After keeping an eye on the latest phones along with all their reviews, I decided that the LG V20 was the phone for me. I had buyer’s remorse even before I had bought the phone so by the time I finally got around to purchasing one, BlackBerry Mobile came out with the Android KEYone! Stop the presses! I was back at square one; starting my due diligence all over again. Damn you BlackBerry!

Oh, my! After a month of reading the myriad of positive reviews, I took the plunge. And now I can’t say enough about the KEYone: from the hard keyboard to the very cool, positively business like looks, this phone has it all.

Not for the movie and TV crowd

I use my phone primarily for talking, texting, emailing, tasks, calendar, contacts, and occasionally GPS and maps, but not too much else. Almost everything I do with my phone requires the keyboard.

The KEYone has a relatively small screen at just four and a half inches, which you might think is a bit undersized for a modern smartphone. But it’s not so small when you consider that this is a business phone designed as a tool, not a toy. Virtual keyboards can take up as much as a third of a phone’s screen when in use. Compare the available space on a phone with a five-inch or six-inch LCD – when the virtual keyboard is up and you’ll see that the KEYone’s readable screen is roughly the same size.

If you like to watch movies, videos, TV or YouTube then there are phones with larger screens to choose from.

The KEYone has lots of other good stuff


A fingerprint detector, keyboard (the Galaxy S8+ Keyboard Cover is a clip on) and Notification LED can be found on many modern devices so nothing new here. BlackBerry has made Hub, Password Keeper, and BBM available to Android users for some time now so these are not unique to the KEYone. The nice thing is that the KEYone comes with everything already set up and running – it’s a real BlackBerry.

Here is a short list of just some of the things that make the KEYone an excellent smartphone:

  • Hardware Keyboard – You just have to try it for yourself, it’s that good! Here are some keyboard shortcuts from CrackBerry;
  • Android 7.1 Operating System – Loads of apps to personalize your KEYone and make it even better;
  • BlackBerry Hub – An indispensable tool for any professional. All your email accounts, text messages, phone call logs, plus social media accounts like Twitter and Pinterest;
  • Fingerprint Detector – It’s built into the space bar and can be used anywhere a password is required. Very useful and very quick;
  • Password Keeper – All your passwords in one place. Just use your fingerprint to open it;
  • BlackBerry Messenger – BlackBerry’s very secure and private text message app;
  • Front Facing Multi-Coloured (RGB) Notification LED – A flashing LED indicator for email or text or some other notification that is waiting for you – simple and handy. Here’s a CrackBerry review from early 2017: “Relax, the BlackBerry KEYone does have an RGB LED indicator
  • Soft Finish Back – Comfortable to hold and doesn’t slide around too much when on its back; vibrating unattended;
  • Camera – The KEYone has an excellent Sony 12-megapixel camera, here are a couple of KEYone camera reviews Recombu and Trusted Reviews
  • Battery – This CrackBerry review covers the long lasting 3505mAh battery in some depth: “BlackBerry KEYone owners are loving the long battery life!”


KEYone, a great smartphone that deserves to be called a “BlackBerry


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