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Don’t Throw Out That Old Cell Phone – Yet!

Clive Richey, Realtor

Just got a new cell phone and not sure what to do with the old Old one?

Smart Phone BlackBerry Z30

You’re not alone. As a result of this dilemma I’ve been keeping a number of old cell phones in my “Museum” including flip phones, early Motorolas with nice leather covers, an old brick phone (a real monster by today’s standards) even an original BlackBerry, the one with the wheel on the side (you remember, the one that made BlackBerry famous). These all reside on a shelf in my office – collecting dust – along with a few Kodak Brownie cameras and a smattering of ancient transistor radios.

But these are really old cell phones and mostly analog they don’t even work on today’s modern digital networks. So unless you’re very (very) techy or have a museum of your own, you might just as well recycle or donate your old cell phones.

On the other…

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